Crazy Bulk Mass of Koi

Increase Filter Size for Larger Koi Density

Will you look at that picture? Isn’t that swirl of color amazing? Usually, this many koi in a pond ends up in disaster. The fish produce too much waste and ammonia and nitrate levels in the water become too high. Ammonia is the most significant dissolved waste in koi ponds. It is produced by fish […]

Pink Water Lily Flower Blooming in Pond with Koi Swimming with Abstract Clouds Reflection in Water

Pink Water Lilies and Koi

Water lilies can be a valuable addition to koi ponds.┬áBesides the obvious esthetic┬áreasons, water lilies can add needed shade to a koi pond to provide shade for the fish. There are other reasons too. Not does the shade help keep the fish out of the direct sun, lower water temperates and consumes nitrates in the […]